Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tax Returns, It's the Stimulation Stupid!

A low fire has been burning in me for nearly a year now. It's been that long since I last filed my Federal Taxes.

Things have changed a lot over the decades that I've been filing. I started forty years ago, when I was in High-School. I can remember taking a class that taught us about all the forms, starting with the simple 1040. Today, I still file that simple form taxes and income pretty damn simple to figure.

I give the Guberment a chunk of my money each week, they hold onto it ( sorta like a loan ) until they figure out that I don't owe them very much because...well I don't earn very much! So what's the point? Stimulation Stupid..

I know I'm stimulated, I get this way every January. Just thinking about all my bucks coming back ( well...most of them ) gets my blood pumping. Even though I know most of the Return will go to paying bills and such, I know there's going to be enough this year to buy something I've wanted for several years.

I want a knew computer! And that's the attitude that stimulates the National Economy. I know I'm not the only one anticipating an opportunity to walk into a high-dollar retail store and flop down some big bucks on the latest and greatest appliance. Half the Nation is going on a spending bing in the next month or two. That's got to help the economy a little bit.

And I'm more than happy to do my small part...being a good citizen and all that...

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