Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to Work in a New Year

I'm leaving for work at the Noodle Factory in a few hours, and I am actually looking forward to seeing those folks. Vacation was just what I needed to pump my motivation up. More than a week idle has given me new energy and even new hope that this New Year will be better than the last. I surely hope so.

I don't expect to be very busy for the next few months at the Noodle Factory, as we have just finished our busy season. Now is the time to check the inventory, pull maintenance and clean, clean clean! It takes a lot of cleaning to keep a food processing plant running.

My wife will no doubt be happy to see me leaving the house, we've both been shacked up for most of the last week or so. She is used to having the place to her self for eight or nine hours every day, and me being at work lets her do all those wonderful and important thing she enjoys like; watching Oprah, The View and such. Blah...

She'll also enjoy using her computer while I'm gone, as mine broke last week and she's been kind enough to let me use her lap-top. Now she can play all those on-line games with her inter-net buddies for hours on end! Go girl! You know you love it!

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