Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Children Did Not Come Out Tonight

My wife was disappointed but not greatly, when no kids came Trick-or-Treating on this Halloween. Disappointed because she enjoys handing out treats to all that come to our door, dressed as goblins and monsters. Not greatly disappointed because she was feeling poorly, and I was at work and not able to enjoy the night with her. This leaves us with much candy to enjoy for the next few weeks.

The weather has been foul for weeks, cold and drizzling rain that tends to dampen any festive spirits. And, the flu season is at it's peak so I doubt if many parents were eager to take their children from door to door. Fortunately for the kids, there was an alternative this year. Church.

Several local Churches got together and invited everyone to the local school gymnasium to celebrate(?) Halloween. Which seems rather odd to me, as most Churches are dead-set against anything to do with witches, goblins and the like! Oh well, if Jesus can tolerate Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas Trees perhaps a few Zombies would be ok too.

But I remember when Halloween was more than a Sugar Rush, better than a Costume Contest. It was an opportunity to get even with Teachers, Preachers and the local cop for all those little things they represent to kids; rules, manners and social graces.

Halloween was a night when latent Juvenile Terrorists went out armed with bars of soap to decorate neighbors windows with vulgarities. We waged war on out-houses, tipping them over ( even better if a teacher was in it ). And toilet paper, roll upon roll of tissue to adorn the trees of the grumpiest neighbor.

It's kinda sad really, my wife and I with all this candy and those kids at the school with the preachers. It almost makes me wish I'd wake up to find the wind-shield of my car soaped, "Eat Shit Wallace! You Suck!".

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Rain Came to Stay

It's been raining for a week or more, and there is no sign of the sky clearing for weeks to come. The ground is saturated, and the water is backing up in the streams and creeks that feed the rivers. It doesn't happen every year, but often enough to be called normal weather for this land between the rivers.

The farmers' corn and soy bean crops are left standing in the fields. Fields too wet to support the harvest equipment. Farmers may have to wait for the ground to freeze before they can get their crops out.

The deer and other animals are moving to high ground, leaving the safety of the brush and moving across the many highways. Driving can be hazardous on rainy nights, and moving deer add to the danger.

My roof leaks...drip...drip...drip...

Friday, October 2, 2009

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