Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out, Into the World

This week, home alone with the wife and dogs has been the best week for a long time. I took the trash out Tuesday Night, other-wise I haven't been out of the door! I'll be going out today, but just to the Pasta Plant to pick-up my paycheck ( I'm on vacation ), a carton of cigarettes and maybe some hooch if the wife doesn't complain too much.

The snow started falling late yesterday while I was obsessively following the flame war that erupted several days ago here among some of my on-line buddies. Such a contrast, cool flakes falling silently in the night while hot tempers raged on my monitor. Weird really, watching out the window to see the natural wonder of winter, and watching my monitor to see equally natural heat of human passions. I've been a total voyeur this week, not going out into the former and not really getting involved in the latter.

I woke this morning to find both the outer world and this inner, virtual world at peace, cool and silent. I'm gonna take the camera I think. Just to show some of my on-line buddies that the world abides.

The main roads are clear, though the side streets probably won't get plowed for a day or too. No matter, it's just a few miles to the Pasta Plant. Those folks will be rushed, running and hollering at each other in their efforts to produce, produce produce! Another contrast, me at peace at home and them struggling so. Come next Monday, I'll be back in the thick of that world made so brutal by our own passions and frustrations. But not today...

I'll be back in a few hours. So you folks try to enjoy your world(s) while I'm out there.

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