Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gallatin County Sheriff, Wife, and Son Indicted for Solicitation of Murder for Hire

It's getting hot here in Southern Illinois. It may be January, and the ground may be frozen but if you stand next to the jail in Murphysboro you may feel the heat that the Feds have brought to the Heartland. A neighboring Sheriff selling drugs from his squad car and his family plotting to kill witnesses, now that's hot news!

WJBD - Salem ( IL ) has the story:
Gallatin County Sheriff, Wife, and Son Indicted for Solicitation of Murder for Hire: "The Gallatin County Sheriff along with his wife and adult son have all been arrested on Jackson County warrants charging solicitation of murder for hire. The sheriff, 47-year-old Raymond Martin, was already in the Jackson County Jail at Murphysboro on federal indictments for distribution of marijuana and carrying a firearm during and in relation to drug trafficking.

The new indictments also charge Martin's 36-year-old wife Kristina and 20-year-old son Cody. They were arrested when they came to visit the former sheriff at the Jackson County Jail on Saturday. Each is being held on one-million dollars bond apiece.

The charges accuse Raymond Martin of conspiring with his wife and son of plotting to have witnesses murdered who were expected to testify at his upcoming drug trial. The witnesses allegedly involved have not been identified.

The solicitation of murder for hire charge is a Class X felony and carry a sentence of 20 to 40 years in prison. Martin has not resigned his job as sheriff in the far southeastern corner of the state."
This story can only get more interesting. I just hope no one gets hurt ( or burnt ) as the drama unfolds.

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