Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take Her Out to the Ball Game

My sister Graduated from the Southern Illinois University this week! We're really proud of her, especially because she decided to go back to school so many years later.

Melissa attended the SIU over thirty years ago, and we shared a trailer for a semester. I studied math and and science, she studied English. Life has a way of side-tracking us from our goals, she went her way and I went mine. Neither of us got our degrees...

But, when she bought a home near the campus, she decided to finish what she had started so long ago. And now she's done it! Caps, gowns and all of that!

Our niece decided to celebrate the event by taking Melissa to baseball game in St Louis. Both are huge Cardinal fans. This is a pic my niece posted on Facebook ( ok, I snagged it ! ). The Cards lost the game, but that didn't bother the girls too much.

Congratulations Melissa!

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