Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shot Gun Season

Deer hunting has begun in Illinois, and the woods are full of Shot Guns loaded with deer slugs. Half the men I know preparing to climb a tree to their deer stand in the early pre-dawn hours, hoping to bag that big buck at the crack of dawn. Southern Comfort sales are at a seasonal high, so I would advise everyone to stay out of the woods this morning.

And the deer a running everywhere! You can't drive down the road without worrying that one will leap in front of your vehicle. And in the twilight of dawn, obscured by recent fog there have been more than a few road-kills in this area. That's when cell-phones come in handy, drag that doe to the side of the road and call your buddy for a tow and some help loading her into his pick-up. Meat is meat, and times are hard.

The State calls it a Harvest and several thousand will be taken this week. White Tails are plentiful in Southern Illinois, and many years see an over-population that leads to leaner, smaller animals. Not so this year, they should be well fed by the crops still in the field ( corn harvest has been delayed six or eight weeks by rain ). Many fields will remain unharvested till the ground freezes enough to bare the weight of the heavy equipment required to get it out. That's good news for the survivors of this years harvest.

A neighbor sent over a large meatloaf she made with venison last week ( road-kill no doubt ), it was fantastic! I have several friends that have promised to sell me Deer Sausage ( it looks like Salami, about two feet long ). Most mix the sausage 50% Venison, 25% Pork, 25% Beef. I like it with Ritz Crackers and hot mustard. I've still got a Deer Heart in the freezer from last year, I suppose I should put in a crock-pot tomorrow to make room for more.

It's Shot Gun Season, you folks be careful out there!

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