Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blues celebration fills Grant Park - Chicago Breaking News

I'm seriously thinking about taking a day off work so that I can go to Chicago. I sure hope somebody takes some video of this event, and posts it on youtube! Let me know if you're in the Chicago area. I'd need a place to crash ( late Saturday night till early Sunday morning ).

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The 26th annual Chicago Blues Festival is underway this weekend in Grant Park in downtown Chicago, on five stages spread out around the Petrillo Bandshell on the corner of Jackson and Columbus Drives.

It's the world's largest free blues festival, and will be held through Sunday. We will be adding to the photogallery throughout the festival.


Vince Agwada performs with the Chicago Blues Experience at the Chicago Blues Festival on Friday. (Tribune / Zbigniew Bzdak) MORE PHOTOS

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Dyxie Dymond said...

Hope you found a place to crash, oh this sounds like a Jazz Fest to appreciate Wallace.

Wishing of have been more keen to your request, am thinking of kin in or around that area ... but too late to hook you up now. So my sincere wish you found a place.

If not...your request for those who do attend to post photographs will certainly be forward looking!

Take care...and give me notice of your need of a place to rest your head in America...

Got kin scattered everywhere, and you my friend would always be welcome.

Dyxie Dymond*ldbg
Fort Morgan Alabama