Friday, April 17, 2009

Learning To Mow From An Expert

The sun was out for two days in a row, so we finally had a chance to get the lawn mowed. We've been looking for a riding mower for weeks now, but have had no luck. So, we hired an expert ( that's her, standing next to the young man on the mower ), that is to say we talked to a neighbor lady who had a son that needed to earn some money ( he mumbled something about a hat that he really wanted at Walmart when I asked him what he would spend the $15 on ).

Mom was a patient teacher, and was standing close by from beginning to end. 

Things got a little tough, that is to say the lawn wasn't quite dry yet. So like a good Mother, she gave her son a 'little boost'. Sometimes there's no better lesson than a little applied energy. 

When he got going again, he finished the lawn in short order. 

The young man is eleven years old, but big for his age. In another year or so I'm sure he'll be hiring himself out to local farmers. By then, he'll have developed the skills, and the confidence to handle much larger equipment. But I think he'll always remember this day, when Mom had enough confidence in him, to allow him to take his first step into a 'Man's World of Great Big Toys'....


reading_is_dangerous said...

How strange a life we create for ourselves!

Wallace said...

Strange indeed R_I_D, even stranger; the flood of memories that this scene prompted in my mind. Thirty years ago he was me...thirty years of mowing lawns.