Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I'm just glad I have a job," is a phrase heard more often lately. My thoughts echo that sentiment as I 'tag' news articles that focus on the economy, bailouts and legislation aimed at keeping American's on the job ( and in their homes ).

My shift at the Pasta Plant is scheduled for the weekly start-up, which means that in a few hours I'll be walking into a production area all gleaming and shiny from Saturday's clean-up shift. All the chrome will shine, the floor will be empty, and the plant will be relatively quiet for a few hours until production ramps up and the flour dust begins to fly.

Pasta is cheap food, and is not likely to suffer in the market-place like so many other products. Also, most of your major brands of pasta that are sold in your super-market are produced by a few companies. So I'll probably not get that pink-slip that so many are seeing lately.

Concerning my home, I am buying one but not with the help of a bank. I guess my wife and I didn't qualify for a loan as so many upwardly mobile folks did in the last several decades. We found a man willing to sell with a 'contract for deed'. Looking back, I think we are the fortunate ones ( not having to worry about banks and loan companies ). As long as 'our man' is solvent, so are we, and since we haven't missed any payments I'm sure he considers us an asset, rather than a liability.


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