Wednesday, February 25, 2009

State of the Individual

Much attention has been given to Pres. Obama's 'State of the Union Address'. Sadly I couldn't watch the speech as I was at work, fortunately the entire world was watching so I can read all about it today ( I'm taking the day off work ).

My question is, "What about the 'State of the Individual' ?" Is Individuality still an issue in this new age ( 2000+ )? From what I've seen lately, most people still think, speak and act as a herd while making little effort to express their individual hopes and needs.

I may be very similar to the many people you meet in life, but I still flatter myself with at least an illusion of uniqueness! I still try to be creative, and look for new ideas that are relevant to my life, and my dreams. These are a few things that I do to seperate myself from the herd, and establish myself as an individual;

  • I sing out-loud in public. I don't have a voice that people would pay money to hear, but singing the music I like tells the world that I am important, and my feelings are relevant.
  • I make up new words. Inspeculation is my latest effort at word-smithy. It refers to the uncertainty of enquiring minds, a bit more than an educated guess, but without the research required to establish something as fact.
  • I challenge assumptions. Just because things have always been done a certain way, doesn't mean that things always have to be done that way. Most of the time it is a best-guess solution to a problem that is accepted as policy.
What is the State of Your Individuality, and what do you do to express your uniqueness?

Word for the day; Intactitude ( Humpty Dumpty's condition before his fall ).

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