Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dixie left us yesterday. Our house is not the same.

Dixie left us yesterday. Our house is not the same. For seven years we were blessed with the company of one of the worlds most loving creatures, and now we are left with memories, photos and a hole in our lives where she used to live.

She left us four puppies, four wonderful new lives that we will love, cherish and nurture as we did here other pups. My wife is bottle-feeding them, and they are doing well. Dixie's friend Natalie has decided to adopt the four, and nurtures them as if they were her own litter. Between my wife's efforts, and Natalies motherly instincts we have every reason to believe the four will grow to be as healthy and loving as their mother.

The photo is of Dixie, as she sat in our doorway soaking up the warm sun, and watching my wife as she worked at her desk. My wife is suffering the loss of her close friend even more than I.

Have you ever lost a friend, and wished you had the chance to say goodbye? I was at work when I got the sad news, I so wish I had been there, just to hold Dixie, and tell her I loved her...and goodbye.

"Goodbye Dixie...I'll be looking for you...".....

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