Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've read that good fences make for good neighbors. Nonsense. I put up a fence around my backyard several weeks ago, and I have had nothing but problems from my neighbors.

First, the guy said I had to move it back three feet, due to a village regulation or something like that. Nonsense, that rule only applies to privacy fences. Besides all that, he was there when I planned it, and we eye-balled the property line and compensated for the three feet rule. He was there when they built the fence ( I was at work ), and never said a word.

The ass waited for two hours after the fence was up, to tell us we had to move it. It told him to kiss my butt, and I'd pee on any papers he served me. He thought I was stupid I guess. I hope he has fun paying for a survey ( that's just the beginning of the legal process ). 

So how does this apply to Nations? Do fences make for good International Neighbors? I doubt it.

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