Monday, April 7, 2008

A Turd in Your Pocket

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The shit hit the fan today at work, and you could smell it all over the county. Prejudice, and pride are like that ( like a turd in your pocket, after a while you get used to the smell, but folks you meet notice it right off ). I'm speaking of the police, escorting a few of our fellow workers out of the building, and down the road. I didn't follow, but I'm assuming that they were met at the county line by an escort from the next county, just to make sure they 'got home safe'.

A little background; I work in a large factory, that makes pasta ( and stove-top stuffing ). The work, at any level is not hard, or challenging. There are four basic job descriptions. Bulk Pasta; mixing flour and water in a big bucket. Production; putting noodles in a bag, or box. Material Handling; stacking boxes. Shipping; putting stacks on trucks. With this in mind, realize that any large problem, is most likely the result of conflicts, or nonsense brought to work by the people

Last year, a woman ( white, I'll call her Dae ) had a baby, fathered by another employee ( black, call him Dee ), but not her husband ( Supervisor, and Joe ). Dae, and Joe are my neighbors, so I have been a little too close to the obvious conflict. Between the couples home, and mine, lives the Dae's mother, Sue, who is the matriarch of an extended family ( let's call it a clan ). And from my window, I watch the constant coming and goings of nearly half the factory that I work at. One frequent visitor is Dae's father Don ( a fork lift driver ), who is still married to Sue, but lives with Mae, who also works at the factory, and supervises Dee on line #18.

Several weeks ago, Dae and her new-born moved away with Dee, where they enjoy their self-induced chemical euphoria, much to the dismay of Dae's father Don ( he had a heart-attack last year, and everyone's worried if the stress will be the end of him ). His anger was on display several times over the last two weeks, twice he was held at bay by several senior supervisors that were succesful at stopping him from whooping the young black man's ass. This didn't please his significant other ( Mae ), who told Dee ( he works on Mae's production line ) that he was a 'nigger', and then she told Dae ( who operates another line nearby ) that she was a whore. That's when the turd came out of the pocket.

What I don't see out my window at home, I get to watch from my loft at work. I work above the general production area, and can see nearly all that goes on. And frankly, I'm glad to see it all come to head today. As much as I like good drama, watching Dae act out her 'mandingo' fantasies for the last year or two has really begun to affect my life, my workplace, and the health and welfare of many friends and neighbors. You see, Dee aint the father of Dae's mullato baby, he's just another bit actor in her passion play. I don't think he realized that, until the cops showed up...

I've been talking to my friend Dee a lot over the last two weeks, and he's been sure that he's the victim of racism and bigotry. As he screws his boss's wife, he no doubt is planning his discrimination suit. The last thing he told me was, 'If I get transfered to another shift Wally, you'll know I'm right!" My response was, "If Dae get's transfered, and you don't, where's the discrimination?" His face was blank, as if he hadn't thought of that option. Don, most assuredly had thought of getting his daughter transfered, and today it all came down...

Did I forget to mention the Mexican that works with Mae and Dee on line #18? Rumor was, Dee and Diego were supposed to meet in front of the liquor store ( where we all cashed our pay-checks today ), and settle their own personal problems the old fashioned way. Sadly, I didn't get to see that drama. The police were waiting just outside the break-room, as Dee was being escorted to the Safety Supervisor's office. Piss test. He failed, gee...did daddy Don have anything to do with that? Diego ( the mexican ) strutted around all day, having presented himself with dignity befitting his machismo.

From this point on, the drama was set in the parking lot, and I didn't get to see much more, as my wife was determined to get us out of there before the three way race riot ensued. Tension was building as we left, but I'm assured I'll get the final episode from my wife in the morning ( Stephanie works with Sue, Don's wife, but not the woman he lives with, that's Mae ) who lives between us and Joe, the cuckold husband who is wondering if he can get the vascectomy reversed ( he had it done three years ago, so you see, for him it's not really a black/white/Mexican issue, it really has a lot to do with machismo ). Steph will fill me in, and I'll continue this saga of shame tommorow.

In the meantime, does anyone know anyone who works for the 'Jerry Springer Show'? This shit is real, and I can't do the story justice. I'd give anything to see this bunch on TV.NT>

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